Chapter 1.1: Introduction to Drone Technology
Chapter 1.2: Drone Design and Flying Principles
Chapter 1.3: Introduction to micro:bit and the Coding Environment

Chapter 2.1: Connecting External Components to the micro:bit 
Chapter 2.2: DIY Drone Kit Assembly Instructions and Testing 
Chapter 2.3: Drone Programming 
Chapter 2.4: Drone Flying and Remote Control Programming

Chapter 3.1: Drone Operation and Maintenance
Chapter 3.2: Safety and Regulations
Chapter 3.3: Drone Commercial Applications and Entrepreneurship

Chapter 4.1: Drone Programming for Specialized Applications
Chapter 4.2: 3D Design and 3D Printing Topics

Scenario 1: Mechanical Manufacturing Workshop Inspection and Maintenance
Scenario 2: Measuring Noise and Air Pollution
Scenario 3: Crisis Situation Management
Scenario 4: A Bird’s Eye View of Our School